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Are you considering applying for Social Security because of a disability? You may need the help of an experienced Louisville social security disability attorney to receive the benefits you are entitled to. Social security attorneys have the experience necessary to work with the social security administration that will increase your chances of success. Louisville social security attorneys can walk you through the application and appeal process. Start now by filling out the form on the left.

What does SSI and SSDI mean for you?

If you have already applied and been rejected for social security benefits, you are among the majority. Qualifying for social security benefits requires proof of your disability. Experienced Louisville social security lawyers understand how to present your evidence in the most favorable light. For many, losing their social security claim has devastating consequences. Those who are disabled who do not have an alternative source of income potentially face homelessness. The SSI and SSDI systems provide monthly payments from the federal government for our most vulnerable citizens. These payments can cover the cost of living, and in some cases the SSI and SSDI systems also provide medical coverage.

Louisville Social Security attorneys: how much do they cost?

Because the people who need a social security lawyer usually do not have a source of income, social security lawyers structure their fees to make their services affordable. Almost always, Social Security lawyers work on a “contingency” basis: meaning that they only get paid if you win your claim. That means, in most cases, you have nothing to lose by working with a social security attorney. In fact, the federal government actually caps the amount that a social security attorney can charge. First, they are generally limited to a maximum of 25% of the back pay owed to you (as opposed to future payments). That means that if you are owed $10,000 in payments from the months prior to your decision, the attorney can only make $2,500. Second, a social security lawyer cannot make more than $6,000 from your case, total. Contact your Louisville Social Security lawyer today by filling out the form on the left.

What is the difference between SSDI and SSI?

The Social Security system was created in part, to provide disability payments to our most vulnerable citizens: those who cannot work due to an injury. The injury must keep you from working for at least a year or more. Under the system, there are two types of disability programs: SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Both are explained below.

Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) – Work with a Knowledgeable Louisville Disability Insurance Attorney Today

SSDI provides disability payments to Americans who can demonstrate a work history of paying taxes into the social security system. To qualify, you must prove (1) the existence of a disability that prevents you from working for at least one year, and (2) that you worked and paid social security taxes over the course of the previous years (the number of years depends on your age). SSDI recipients may also qualify for Medicare. Contact an experienced Louisville SSDI lawyer now to learn more.

SSI: You may qualify - Reach a qualified Louisville Disability Attorney

SSI is paid out like welfare, meaning you cannot earn over a certain amount of money to qualify. In addition, you need to be disabled and unable to work. SSI pays out a smaller amount of money than SSDI, but unlike SSDI, you are not required to have paid into the Social Security system to qualify for payments. In addition, SSI recipients qualify for medical care through Medicaid. To contact an experienced Louisville SSI lawyer, fill out the questionnaire on the left.

Application to Appeal: the process - Louisville Disability Appeal Lawyer

To apply for social security, you can start online, in person, or by calling the social security administration directly. The government can take upward of six months to review your case. If you have been denied, you can appeal your case. At appeal, you will have to prove that your condition qualifies as a disability. If you do not feel comfortable appearing on your own behalf, an attorney may present your case for you.

Below is a list of some of the types of illnesses and injuries that can qualify for a disability under Social Security:

Loss of Visual Acuity
Chronic liver disease
Hearing Loss
Chronic hyperglycemia
Muscular dystrophy
Peripheral neuropathies
Diabetes mellitus
Loss of speech
Pituitary gland disorders
Common Blood Disorders
Cerebral Trauma
Parathyroid gland disorders
Short bowel syndrome

Local SSA Office

Social Security Administration
2500 West Broadway, Suite 500
Louisville, Kentucky 40211
(502) 775-5709

Louisville Hospitals

Jewish Hospital
200 Abraham Flexner Way
Louisville, Kentucky 40202-1886
(502) 587-4011

VA Medical Center
800 Zorn Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-1499
(502) 287-4000
Norton Hospital
200 East Chestnut
Louisville, Kentucky 40232
(502) 629-5596

Baptist Hospital East
4000 Kresge Way
Louisville, Kentucky 40207
(502) 897-8101

If you do not have any healthcare insurance or any other ability to pay, there are facilities that probably will treat you in Louisville They are:

Angels Community Clinic
1005 Poplar Street
Murra y, Kentucky 42071

Malubay Medical Clinic
824 Circle Hill Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40207-3629
(502) 897-1845
E M W Womens Surgical Center
136 West Market Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202-1332
(502) 589-2124

Westlake Primary Care
P O Box 938
Columbia, Kentucky 42728-0938
(270) 384-4764

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