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Does your disability prevent you from working? Social security may provide the solution. The social security system is not always easy to work with. That is why there are experienced Bakersfield social security attorneys. Whether you have been rejected for benefits, or if you have yet to apply, an experienced Bakersfield social security disability attorney can increase your chances of success. If you suffer from a disability that prevents you from working, it may be time to work with a social security attorney now. Contact an experienced Bakersfield social security attorney today by filling out the form on the left.

You may be entitled to benefits: the SSI and SSDI program at a glance

Approximately 65% or more initial applicants are denied social security benefits. An experienced Bakersfield social security lawyer can increase your odds of success. Your attorney should understand how to make your best case. Your attorney can also represent you on appeal. An experienced Bakersfield social security lawyer will look over your file, and help you make any additions and corrections necessary to best highlight the nature of your disability. For many applicants, they face the possibility of homelessness if their SSI or SSDI application is denied. The social security system provides monthly payments that make living in this expensive country manageable. In many cases, claimants also qualify for critical medical coverage through the social security system. SSI claimants can get Medicaid, while SSDI claimants may qualify for Medicare.

Aren’t lawyers expensive to hire? How can I hire a qualified Bakersfield social security lawyer?

If you think you can’t afford a social security attorney, think again. They’re not as expensive as you probably think. When you hire a social security attorney, you only pay them attorney fees if you win your claim. So, you only pay if you get paid. Statutorily, social security attorneys can only make the following: the smaller amount of (1) 25% of back pay awarded to you, or (2) $6,000 total. The social security administration has to approve the amount of the attorney fees at the time you are awarded your benefits. Contact your Bakersfield Social Security lawyer today by filling out the form on the left.

Social Security: Qualifying for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Social Security Income (SSI)

Disability payments under SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) are contingent upon you proving the existence of a disability. The disability must preclude you from working for a year or more. Disability payments are made monthly to those who qualify. Both SSDI and SSI programs are related, but different.

SSDI: The Federal Program for Those With a Work History – Connect with a Knowledgeable Bakersfield Disability Insurance Attorney Immediately

SSDI is a federal insurance program that pays disability benefits to people who have paid into the social security system.  To qualify, you must be disabled and have a work history of paying social security taxes. Thus, not everyone can qualify. Those who do qualify may also be eligible for Medicare coverage, depending on the duration of your disability. Contact an SSDI attorney to learn if you may qualify.

SSI: a welfare-based program - Contact an experienced Bakersfield Disability Attorney

SSI is paid out like welfare, meaning you cannot earn over a certain amount of money to qualify. In addition, you need to be disabled and unable to work. SSI pays out a smaller amount of money than SSDI, but unlike SSDI, you are not required to have paid into the Social Security system to qualify for payments. In addition, SSI recipients qualify for medical care through Medicaid. To contact an experienced Bakersfield SSI lawyer, fill out the questionnaire on the left.

Proving your disability: the process of applying and appealing your decision - Bakersfield Disability Appeal Attorney

First, you can apply online, call into an office, or visit your local SS office. The application process can take anywhere between four to six months. You can have your case reviewed by an appeal panel if you are initially denied social security benefits.

The following are a few examples of the types of injuries and illnesses that have previously qualified as a disability:


Liver Damage
Autistic Disorder
Chronic Pulmonary Insufficiency
Cancer of the Pancreas
Parkinsonian syndrome
Pituitary gland disorders

Psychiatric Disorders
Polymyositis and dermatomyositis
Multiple Sclerosis
Spinal cord or nerve root lesions
Loss of visual efficiency
Impairment of Renal function
Chemical Burns


Local SSA Office

Social Security Office
5300 Office Park Drive
Bakersfield, California 93309
(866) 476-1489


Low Cost Hospitals

National Health Services Inc.
P O Box 1060
Shafter, California 93263
(661) 459-1900



Good Samaritan Hospital
901 Olive Drive
Bakersfield, California 93308
(661) 215-7500 
Heart Hospital of BK, LLC
3001 Sillect Avenue
Bakersfield, California 93308
(661) 316-6000
HealthSouth Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital, LLC
5001 Commerce Drive
Bakersfield, California 93309
(661) 323-5500
 Mercy Healthcare Bakersfield
2215 Truxtun Avenue
Bakersfield, California 93301
(661) 632-5000
San Joaquin Community Hospital
2615 Chester Avenue
Bakersfield, California 93301
(661) 395-3000
  Bakersfield Memorial Hospital
420 34th Street
Bakersfield, California 93301
(661) 327-4647


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