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Has a disability kept you from supporting yourself or your family? Social security may provide the solution. The social security system is not always easy to work with. That is why there are experienced Chattanooga social security attorneys. Whether you have been rejected for benefits, or if you have yet to apply, an experienced Chattanooga social security disability attorney can increase your chances of success. If you suffer from a disability that prevents you from working, it may be time to work with a social security attorney now. Contact an experienced Chattanooga social security attorney today by filling out the form on the left.

The SSI and SSDI system: a real safety net

If you have already applied and been rejected for social security benefits, you are among the majority. If you have a disability, you will want to make sure you do the best job presenting the nature of your injury to the review board. Most often, the best way to do this is to work with an experienced Chattanooga social security lawyer. Arm yourself with a professional who understands the best tactics for winning your social security claim. Living with a disability can make it virtually impossible to function in our expensive society. If you can qualify for social security benefits, you will be entitled to monthly payments from the federal government. In some cases, you may also qualify for medical coverage through Medicaid or Medicare, depending on your circumstances. This is an absolutely essential security blanket for those who cannot work due to disability. Therefore, the consequences of not qualifying can be severe.

Aren’t lawyers expensive to hire? How can I hire a qualified Chattanooga social security lawyer?

You may be surprised to learn that a social security lawyer is quite affordable, even if you have no source of income. The reason why: you do not pay a Social Security lawyer unless he or she wins your claim. That means they only get paid if you get paid. The government limits how much a social security attorney can charge you. They are limited to charging the lesser of: 25% of the back pay awarded to you, or a maximum of $6,000. So, an attorney cannot make more than $6,000 on your case, nor can he or she make more than 25% of the back pay owed to you. Thus, if you are awarded $20,000 in back pay, generally the max you can be charged is $6,000. Don’t wait to contact an experienced Chattanooga Social Security lawyer. Fill out the form on the left.

Learning about SSDI and SSI: Your federal programs

Two separate social security programs provide disability payments to injured people: SSI and SSDI (Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance). To earn disability payments under either one, you must suffer from an injury that (1) prevents you from working for a year or more, or (2) will result in death. Short-term injuries are not covered by the social security system.

SSDI: The Federal Program for Those With a Work History – Connect with a Knowledgeable Chattanooga Disability Insurance Attorney Immediately

SSDI pays disability payments to those who have a qualifying work history, who are disabled. For that reason, not everyone is eligible for SSDI. To qualify, you will have to show, in addition to proving your disability, that you have worked a certain percentage of your previous years (depending on your age). Medicare medical coverage is also available to some SSDI recipients. Contact your Chattanooga SSDI lawyer to learn more now.

SSI: the final safety net - Contact an experienced Chattanooga Disability Attorney

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI for short, is available for people who suffer from a disability regardless of work history. SSI is paid from general revenues, unlike the SSDI system. SSI beneficiaries may also qualify for Medicaid and Food Stamps. They may also be eligible for additional income from the state. Contact your Chattanooga SSI lawyer to learn more.

Application to Appeal: the process - Chattanooga Disability Appeal Lawyer

You can begin the application process online, in person, or by phone. The process can take a while because the number of applications is generally very high. Usually, you have to wait anywhere between three and six months, maybe longer. If denied, you can appeal the decision. You may have an attorney represent you at the appeal.

The list below contains a few examples of the types of illnesses and injuries that have qualified previous applicants for a disability:


Lung Transplant
Lung Infections
Cystic Fibrosis
Mental Retardation
Chronic heart failure
Ischemic Heart Disease
Recurrent Arrhythmias
Congenital Heart Disease
Heart Transplant
Affective disorders

Local SSA Office

Social Security Office
1290 Premier Drive
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421
(866) 964-0029

Low Cost Hospitals

Westside Clinic
1200 Grove Street Court
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402
(423) 266-6510

CBI Counseling Center
1815 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404
(423) 756-2894
Gayland Family Practice
961 Spring Creek Road
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37412
(423) 894-1647

Hixson Pike Medical Center
3739 Hixson Pike
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37415
(423) 875-0999


Kindred Hospital Chattanooga
709 Walnut Street
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402
(423) 266-7721

Erlanger Health System
975 East Third Street
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403
(423) 778-7792
Grandview Medical Center
1000 Highway 28
Jasper, Tennessee 37347
(423) 837-9500

Parkridge Medical Center
2333 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404
(423) 493-7978

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