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Do you suffer from a disability that prevents you from making a living? You may be entitled to benefits under the social security disability income system. The system is designed to provide benefits to citizens who cannot work due to disability. By working with an experienced Hawthorne social security attorney, you stand a better chance of qualifying for social security benefits. Hawthorne social security attorneys can walk you through the application and appeal process. Start now by filling out the form on the left.

The saving power of the SSI and SSDI system

It is not easy to qualify for social security benefits in every case. Roughly 65% of people are initially turned down. An experienced Hawthorne social security lawyer can increase your odds of success. Your attorney should understand how to make your best case. Your attorney can also represent you on appeal. An experienced Hawthorne social security lawyer will look over your file, and help you make any additions and corrections necessary to best highlight the nature of your disability. Living with a disability can make it virtually impossible to function in our expensive society. If you can qualify for social security benefits, you will be entitled to monthly payments from the federal government. In some cases, you may also qualify for medical coverage through Medicaid or Medicare, depending on your circumstances. This is an absolutely essential security blanket for those who cannot work due to disability. Therefore, the consequences of not qualifying can be severe.

Aren’t lawyers expensive to hire? How can I hire a qualified Hawthorne social security lawyer?

Contrary to what people think about lawyers, Social Security lawyers tend to be very affordable. Social security attorneys are paid according to a strict fee schedule. They can only be paid if they win your case for you. That makes sense because claimants usually have no expendable money. The government limits how much a social security attorney can charge you. They are limited to charging the lesser of: 25% of the back pay awarded to you, or a maximum of $6,000. So, an attorney cannot make more than $6,000 on your case, nor can he or she make more than 25% of the back pay owed to you. Thus, if you are awarded $20,000 in back pay, generally the max you can be charged is $6,000. There is no reason to contact an experienced Hawthorne Social Security lawyer. Just fill out the questionnaire on the left.

SSDI and SSI, which one is right for you?

Disability benefits under Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are given to applicants who cannot work due to a disability. Generally, the disability must prevent you from working for a year or more or result in death. Benefits under SSI and SSDI are different.

(SSDI) Social Security Disability Insurance – Talk to a Knowledgeable Hawthorne Disability Income Attorney Now

SSDI is a program for Americans who have a work history. To qualify, you must be disabled, and have worked and paid into the social security system for a fraction of the previous years (the number of years depends on your age). SSDI recipients may also qualify for Medicare. If you think you may qualify for SSDI, contact an experienced Hawthorne SSDI attorney soon to discuss your options.

SSI: You may qualify - Reach a qualified Hawthorne Disability Attorney

SSI is paid out like welfare, meaning you cannot earn over a certain amount of money to qualify. In addition, you need to be disabled and unable to work. SSI pays out a smaller amount of money than SSDI, but unlike SSDI, you are not required to have paid into the Social Security system to qualify for payments. In addition, SSI recipients qualify for medical care through Medicaid. To contact an experienced Hawthorne SSI lawyer, fill out the questionnaire on the left.

How do I apply, what can I expect? - Hawthorne Disability Appeals Lawyer

First, you can apply online, call into an office, or visit your local SS office. The application process can take anywhere between four to six months. If you are denied, you can appeal your case.

The list below contains a few examples of the types of illnesses and injuries that have qualified previous applicants for a disability:


Severe arthritis
Somatoform Disorders
Chronic venous insufficiency
Non-mosaic Down syndrome
Cancer in the Urinary Bladder
Systemic sclerosis
Undifferentiated and mixed connective tissue disease
Benign brain tumors

Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular dystrophy
Anterior poliomyelitis
Short bowel syndrome
Loss of speech
Disturbance of labyrinthine-vestibular function
Parathyroid gland disorders
Chronic hyperglycemia
Psychiatric Disorders


Local SSA Office

Social Security Office
230 East Spruce Avenue
Inglewood, California 90301
(800) 772-1213


Low Cost Hospitals

Hawthorne Morning Side Medical Clinic
12954 Hawthorne Boulevard
Hawthorne, California 90250
(310) 679-0269
South View Medical Clinic
14829 Hawthorne Boulevard
Lawndale, California 90260
(310) 973-6722
Care Plus Medical Clinic
2918 Marine Avenue
Gardena, California 90249
(310) 515-7595
Our Family Medical Clinic
10507 Hawthorne Boulevard
Inglewood, California 90304
(310) 672-9851
All American Family Medical Center
P O Box 2157
Bell, California 90202
(562) 927-2666



Centinela Hospital Medical Center
555 East Hardy Street
Inglewood, California 90301
(310) 680-8092
Vista Hospital of South Bay
1246 West 155th Street
Gardena, California 90247
(310) 323-5330
Memorial Hospital of Gardena
1145 W. Redondo Beach Boulevard
Gardena, California 90247
(310) 532-4200
Kindred Hospital
5525 West Slauson Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90056
(310) 642-0325
Providence Health System
4101 Torrance Boulevard
Torrance, California 90503
(310) 540-7676
UCLA Medical Center
1000 West Carson Street, Box 1
Torrance, California 90509
(310) 222-2345
Torrance Memorial Medical Center
3330 Lomita Boulevard
Torrance, California 90505
(310) 325-9110


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