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Social Security Benefits Questions? Jollyville, Texas Social Security Attorneys Have Answers

Has a disability affected your ability to work? The Social Security disability program was implemented to assist Americans unable to work due to a disability. Qualifying for Social Security can be complicated. It is, therefore, extremely beneficial to work with an experienced Jollyville Social Security lawyer when you apply for Social Security or appeal a Social Security benefits determination. Contact an experienced Jollyville Social Security lawyer today to learn more about Social Security for disabled Americans. You can start by filling out the form on this site today.

Applying for SSI or SSDI Can Make a Difference in Your Life

A significant majority of initial applicants are denied Social Security benefits: generally, between 65% and 70% of first time applications do not make the cut. Presenting proof of your disability is an important step toward qualifying for Social Security benefits. An experienced Jollyville Social Security attorney can help you make the most persuasive case to the Social Security review board. Your chance of success is likely to increase with this assistance. The consequences of losing your social security claim can have far-reaching impacts for you and your loved ones. Those who qualify will receive monthly payments to help defray the cost of living. In many cases, may also be able to get Medicare or Medicaid. These benefit payments and other potential benefits can often mean the difference between survival and homelessness for people afflicted with serious disabilities.

How Can I Afford to Pay a Qualified Jollyville Social Security Attorney?

If you believe that you are not able to afford a social security attorney, think again. They are not as expensive as you may think. Most all Social Security lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means they only get paid if your claim is successful. Social Security regulations set a cap for attorney fees of the lesser of the following: $6,000 or 25% from past due benefits awarded to you. What this means is that the most a Social Security attorney can charge is the smaller amount of 25% of your past due benefits or $6,000. All you have to do to contact an Jollyville Social Security lawyer is fill out the questionnaire on this site today.

Understanding the SSI and SSDI Programs

Two separate programs provide disability benefits in the social security system: SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance). In order to qualify for Social Security disability payments, you must have an injury that prevents you from working for one year or more or an injury that will result in death. Both programs are quite different in requirements and administration but they both pay a benefit on a monthly basis.

1.    How is disability defined in Jollyville, Texas? - In order to receive Social Security disability benefits, you must meet the Social Security Administration's
        standard for disability.
        a.    The term disability is defined as being unable to engage in “substantial gainful activity” [SGA] due to a of a physical or mental impairment which has lasted
                - or is expected to last - for a minimum of 12 months, or is expected to result in death.
2.    Is working in Jollyville, Texas a factor in obtaining Social Security disability benefits? - If you are working in Jollyville and the work meets the definition of
       substantial gainful activity, you are considered able to work and, therefore, you are not disabled and would not qualify for Social Security disability benefits.
       In 2012, if you earn more than $1010 per month (after taxes), you are probably not eligible for Social Security, unless there special circumstances exist.
3.    Do You Have a Severe Impairment? - In order to be considered severely impaired, you must have a medical problem that significantly limits your physical or
       mental ability to perform basic work activities. The impairment must be expected to last for 12 months or result in death.
4.    Does Your Medical Condition Match One of SSA’s Listed Impairments? - The Social Security Administration (SSA) has promulgated a list of medical conditions
        ["Listing of Impairments."] of such great severity that the SSA considers people who with the conditions disabled;
        1.    If your condition is not included in the SSA's Listing of Impairments, you have to ask yourself the following question in regard to obtaining Social Security
               Disability Benefits:
               1.  Am I able to do the same type of work I was able to do before the onset of the disability? - If the SSA determines that you are able to continue doing the same
                    work as you did before your medical condition you may have difficulty proving eligibility. The measure of how capable you are at doing your job after the
                   onset of your disability as opposed to before the onset of the disability is called the Residual Functional Capacity (RFC). In determining your eligibility for
                   benefits, the SSA compares your current RFC with the physical and mental demands of your past jobs. If you are physically and mentally able to do a job that
                   you have held within the last fifteen years, then SSA considers you "not disabled." If you are not able to perform any of your past jobs,
                   then ask yourself:
5.    Despite Your Medical Condition, Can You Do Other Work? - If you are unable to perform work similar to what you have done in the past, then the SSA will
       determine whether you are able to perform other types of work rather than collect benefits.

Can Children in JollyvilleQualify for Disability Benefits? Yes, but What is the Criteria?

Financially, needy children under age 18 who have serious medical conditions may be eligible for Children's SSI. A child is disabled for SSI if the child is not working and earning more than the SGA level and has a medical condition or combination of conditions that cause "marked and severe functional limitations." Medical evidence documenting the child's medical condition is essential.

Can I qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)? Work with an Experienced Jollyville Disability Insurance Lawyer Immediately

If an American is disabled and has previously paid into the social security system through their taxes, he or she may qualify for SSDI. In addition, the government also requires you to have worked a percentage of the previous years, depending on your age. Some SSDI claimants also qualify for Medicare if they are disabled under the SSDI program for 2 years. Learn more about how the law applies to your case by contacting an experienced Jollyville SSDI lawyer.

Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) – Contact a Knowledgeable Jollyville Disability Insurance Lawyer Now

To receive payments under the SSDI program, you must have worked some percentage of the previous years – the exact amount depends on your age. In other words, only those with a work history can qualify. SSDI beneficiaries may also qualify for Medicare coverage. Contact an experienced Jollyville Social Security SSDI attorney to learn more.

Work with an experienced Jollyville Disability Lawyer to Obtain Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

SSI, unlike SSDI, is a welfare-based program that pays a benefit to those with disabilities, regardless of their work history. In order to qualify for SSI, claimants must make less than a minimum threshold of income (a very small amount). Those who qualify may also be eligible for food stamps, and Medicaid. Learn more now and contact an experienced Jollyville SSI lawyer.

Proving a Disability: The Process of Applying for Social Security and Appealing a Review Board Decision – Jollyville Social Security Disability Appeal Lawyers

You can begin the application process for Social Security benefits online, in person, or by phone. The process can take a while because the number of applications is generally very high. Usually, you have to wait anywhere between three and six months, maybe longer before you will receive a decision on your eligibility for Social Security. After the Social Security Review Board has gone over your application, you will either receive a notice of payments or you will be denied Social Security benefits. If you are denied benefits, you can appeal the decision in person or have your attorney appear on your behalf.op

The following are a few examples of the types of injuries and illnesses that have previously qualified as a disability for Social Security:


Organic Mental Disorders
Liver Damage
Mental Retardation
Lung Infections
Cystic Fibrosis
Aneurysm of aorta or major branches
Chronic Anemia
Chronic thrombocytopenia
Coagulation defects
Non-mosaic Down syndrome
Liver disease
Sjogren’s syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Cerebral Trauma


Local SSA Office

Social Security Office
104 Parkview Drive
Georgetown Texas 78626
(877) 531-4699


Low Cost Hospitals

A.W. Grimes Medical Offices
2051 Gattis School Road, Suite 250
Round Rock, Texas 78664
(877) 800-5722

Dell Children's-Circle of Care Pediatrics at Hutto
123 Ed Schmidt Boulevard, Suite 140
Hutto, Texas 78634
(877) 800-5722

Georgetown Women's Center
1900 Scenic Drive, Suite 3326
Georgetown, Texas 78626
(877) 800-5722
Lake Aire Medical Center
2423 Williams Drive
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(877) 800-5722

  Lone Star Circle of Care Health Center at Taylor
305a Mallard Lane
Taylor, Texas 76574
(877) 800-5722

LSCC at Texas A&M Health Science Center
3950 North A W Grimes Boulevard, Building 2
Round Rock, Texas 78665
(877) 800-5722


Pharmacies in and near Jollyville, TX

Liberty Pharmacy
8650 Spicewood Springs Road
Austin, Texas 78759
(512) 249-7500

Good Neighbor Pharmacy
13860 N Highway 183
Austin, Texas 78750
(512) 219-9400
People's Pharmacy 4
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Walmart Pharmacy
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