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Do you have a disability? Does that disability keep you from seeking gainful employment? You may be entitled to benefits under the social security disability income system. The system is designed to provide benefits to citizens who cannot work due to disability. By working with an experienced Nashville social security attorney, you stand a better chance of qualifying for social security benefits. You can contact an experienced Nashville social security disability attorney by filling out the form on the left. You are under absolutely no obligation merely by filling out the form.

Helping you move forward: SSI and SSDI benefits

It is not easy to qualify for social security benefits in every case. Roughly 65% of people are initially turned down. Do not make the mistake of gambling with your odds of winning. An experienced Nashville social security lawyer knows how to present proof of your disability in the most advantageous way. You can really have a leg up by working with a seasoned professional. If you win your claim, you will be entitled to a monthly benefit payment from the federal government. In many cases, you can also qualify for medical care. For example, SSDI claimants can potentially qualify for Medicare benefits, while SSI claimants qualify for Medicaid benefits.

How can I afford a Social Security lawyer when I can’t work?

You may be surprised to learn that a social security lawyer is quite affordable, even if you have no source of income. Most all Social Security lawyers work on a contingency basis: which means they only get paid if you win your case. The social security system oversees the amount a social security attorney can charge. For example, they are capped at making 25% of the back pay awarded to you. Even then, they can only make a maximum of $6,000 on your case. Contacting you Nashville Social Security lawyer is as easy as filling out the questionnaire on the left.

Education: SSDI versus SSI

The Social Security system was created in part, to provide disability payments to our most vulnerable citizens: those who cannot work due to an injury. The injury must keep you from working for at least a year or more. Under the system, there are two types of disability programs: SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Both are explained below.

SSDI: Federal Workers Insurance for the Disabled - Contact a Knowledgeable Nashville Disability Insurance Attorney Today

SSDI is a federal insurance program that pays disability benefits to people who have paid into the social security system. To qualify, you must be disabled and have a work history of paying social security taxes. Thus, not everyone can qualify. Those who do qualify may also be eligible for Medicare coverage, depending on the duration of your disability. Contact an SSDI attorney to learn if you may qualify.

SSI – Work with an experienced Nashville Disability Attorney

Unlike SSDI, you do not have to demonstrate a work history to be eligible for SSI. To qualify for SSI, you must suffer from a disability that prevents you from working for a year or more, and make less than a minimum threshold of money. SSI checks are paid monthly. In addition, you may be eligible for more money from your state, Medicaid, and food stamps. Call your Nashville SSI lawyer for more details.

How do I apply, what can I expect?- Nashville Disability Appeals Lawyer

To apply for social security, you can start online, in person, or by calling the social security administration directly. The government can take upward of six months to review your case. In the event that the government denies your social security application, you can appeal your case. At the appeal, you can represent yourself or your attorney can represent you.

Below is a list of some of the types of illnesses and injuries that can qualify for a disability under Social Security:

Recurrent Arrhythmias
Congenital Heart Disease
Heart Transplant
Short bowel syndrome
Peripheral neuropathies
Loss of speech
Muscular dystrophy
Hearing Loss
Cerebral Trauma
Chronic heart failure
Ischemic Heart Disease
Loss of Visual Acuity
Loss of visual efficiency
Chronic liver disease

Local SSA Office

Social Security Office
120 Athens Way
Nashville, Tennessee 37228
(877) 808-5461

Low Cost Hospitals

Faith Family Medical Clinic
326 21st Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
(615) 341-0808

General Hospitals of Galen
1818 Albion Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37208
(615) 341-4287
Sam Levy
222 Grace Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37207
(615) 252-3676

Exodus Fmly Practice
514 Fisk Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
(615) 321-0776


Kindred Hospital Nashville
1412 County Hospital Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37218
(615) 687-2600

Metropolitan Nashville General Hospital
1818 Albion Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37208
(615) 341-4000
Skyline Medical Center
3441 Dickerson Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37207
(615) 769-7100

Baptist Hospital
2000 Church Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37236
(615) 284-5555

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