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Why wait? Ocala Florida Social Security lawyers can help now

Can’t work because you have a disability? You may qualify for social security disability benefits. By working with an experienced Ocala, Florida social security attorney, you can increase your chances of receiving disability payments from the federal government. Ocala social security attorneys help our most vulnerable citizens qualify for social security disability benefits.

Applying for SSI or SSDI can make a serious difference

The vast majority of the initial applicants are denied social security benefits: generally, between 65% and 70%. An experienced Ocala social security lawyer can increase your odds of success. Your attorney should understand how to make your best case. Your attorney can also represent you on appeal. An experienced Ocala social security lawyer will look over your file, and help you make any additions and corrections necessary to best highlight the nature of your disability. If you win your claim, you will be entitled to a monthly benefit payment from the federal government. In many cases, you can also qualify for medical care. For example, SSDI claimants can potentially qualify for Medicare benefits, while SSI claimants qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Lawyers cost too much, how would I afford to pay a social security lawyer?

You may be surprised to learn that a social security lawyer is quite affordable, even if you have no source of income. The reason why: you do not pay a Social Security lawyer unless he or she wins your claim. That means they only get paid if you get paid. The social security administration carefully monitors how much a social security attorney charges. The attorneys are statutorily limited to charging a max of 25% of back pay awarded to you (up to a max of $6,000). That means that in most cases you can only be required to pay money that was already owed to you before you received your social security benefits, and even that amount is limited. By filling out the questionnaire on the left, an experienced Ocala Social Security attorney will contact you.

Learning about SSDI and SSI: Your federal programs

Both Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) have strict requirements. Both systems provide disability payments to those who cannot work for a year or more due to an injury. While related, these programs are quite different.

SSDI: The Federal Program for Those With a Work History – Connect with a Knowledgeable Ocala Disability Insurance Attorney Immediately

To qualify for SSDI monthly payments, you must establish a work history of paying into social security as well as a qualifying disability. So, not everyone qualifies for the SSDI program. Those who receive disability payments under SSDI may also qualify for Medicare coverage. Contact an experienced Ocala SSDI lawyer to learn about your options.

SSI: the final safety net - Contact an experienced Ocala Disability Attorney

SSI, unlike SSDI, is a welfare-based program that pays those with disabilities, regardless of their work history. To qualify, claimants must make less than a minimum threshold of income (a very small amount). Those who qualify may also be eligible for food stamps, and Medicaid. Learn more now and contact an experienced Ocala SSI attorney.

How do I apply, what can I expect?- Ocala Disability Appeals Lawyer

Applicants can begin the process in multiple ways: online, over the phone, and in person. The government takes around four to six months to review your case. If denied, you can appeal the decision. You may have an attorney represent you at the appeal.

The list below contains a few examples of the types of illnesses and injuries that have qualified previous applicants for a disability:


Anxiety Disorders
Somatoform Disorders
Lung Infections
Chronic heart failure
Chronic venous insufficiency
Chronic granulocytopenia
Systemic sclerosis
Spinal cord or nerve root lesions

Muscular dystrophy
Hearing Loss
Adrenal gland disorders
Chemical Burns
Alport’s Syndrome
Disability from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Local SSA Office

Social Security Office
217 Southeast 1 Avenue
Ocala, Florida 34471
(877) 626-9911


Low Cost Hospitals

Sunshine State Medical Clinic
1315 SE 25th Loop, Suite 104
Ocala, Florida 34471
(352) 369-5440
Lafamilia Medical Clinic LLC
4879 SW 106th Street
Ocala, Florida 34476
(352) 237-8903
Marion Medical Center
20281 E Pennsylvania Avenue
Dunnellon, Florida 34432
(352) 489-3030



Munroe Regional Medical Center
1500 SW 1st Avenue
Ocala, Florida 34471
(352) 351-7200
Ocala Regional Medical Center
1431 Southwest First Avenue
Ocala, Florida 34474
(352) 401-1000
Kindred Hospital Ocala
1500 SW First Avenue 5th Floor
Ocala, Florida 34474
(352) 369-0513


Ocala social security attorneys serve clients throughout Central Florida, including Anthony, Camp Roosevelt, Cotton Plant, Fellowship, Kendrick, Mount Olive, Ocala, Shady, Silver Springs, Silver Springs Shores, West Ocala, and other communities in Marion County.

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