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Are you disabled and unable to work? Social security disability benefits were designed to help those who are unable to work because of a disability. If you qualify, you could receive payments from the federal government. Increase your chances of succeeding by contacting an experienced Roseville, California social security attorney. Roseville social security attorneys help our most vulnerable citizens qualify for social security disability benefits.

SSI and SSDI: The difference between winning and losing your claim

More than half of the initial applicants are rejected for social security every year. If you have a disability, you will want to make sure you do the best job presenting the nature of your injury to the review board. Most often, the best way to do this is to work with an experienced Roseville social security lawyer. Arm yourself with a professional who understands the best tactics for winning your social security claim. Winning your claim can mean the difference between homelessness and no medical care, and having a safety net of a monthly benefit payment and life-saving medical care. Those who qualify could potentially receive the following in addition to monthly payments: Medicare, Medicaid, and Food Stamps, depending on your circumstances.

Qualified Roseville Social Security lawyers: are they expensive?

You may be surprised to learn that a social security lawyer is quite affordable, even if you have no source of income. Why are they affordable? Answer: they work on a “contingency” basis. That means they only get paid if you get paid. First off, a social security attorney is legally not allowed to charge more than 25% of the back pay/past due benefits awarded to you, up to a maximum of $6,000. Second, you are insured not to pay more than that because the government must approve of the attorney’s fee before you are required to pay the attorney for his services. There is no reason to contact an experienced Roseville Social Security lawyer. Just fill out the questionnaire on the left.

What is the difference between SSDI and SSI?

The Social Security System can provide you with monthly payments if you qualify. To qualify for either the SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) programs, you must meet their criteria. Generally, to qualify for either, you must suffer from an injury that prevents you from working for a year or more (or one that results in death). Both systems are explained below.

SSDI - Contact an experienced Roseville Disability Insurance Attorney Now

Claimants can qualify for SSDI if they are disabled and have previously paid into the social security system through their taxes. So, you must have worked and paid social security taxes to qualify. The government also requires you to have worked a percentage of the previous years, contingent on your age. Some SSDI claimants also qualify for Medicare if they are disabled under the SSDI program for 2 years. Learn more by contacting an experienced SSDI attorney.

SSI: You may qualify - Reach a qualified Roseville Disability Attorney

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI for short, is available for people who suffer from a disability regardless of work history. SSI is paid from general revenues, unlike the SSDI system. SSI beneficiaries may also qualify for Medicaid and Food Stamps. They may also be eligible for additional income from the state. Contact your Roseville SSI lawyer to learn more.

Application to Appeal: the process - Roseville Disability Appeal Lawyer

You can start your application online. You can also apply in person, or start the process over the phone. The initial review can take four to six months. Once you get your results, you will either receive a notice of payments, or you will be denied. In which case, you can appeal the decision in person or have your attorney appear on your behalf.

The list below contains a few examples of the types of illnesses and injuries that have qualified previous applicants for a disability:


Depressive Syndrome
Autistic Disorder
Lung Infections
Chronic venous insufficiency
Ischemic Heart Disease
Non-mosaic Down syndrome

Hereditary telangiectasia
Systemic vasculitis
Undifferentiated and mixed connective tissue disease
Benign brain tumors
Muscular dystrophy
Short bowel syndrome


Local SSA Office

Social Security Office
910 Cirby Way
Roseville, California 95661
(866) 348-7830


Low Cost Hospitals

Sunrise Health Medical Group
1133 Coloma Way, Suite B
Roseville, California 95661
(916) 771-0234
Doctors Center Medical Group
4948 San Juan Avenue
Fair Oaks, California 95628
(916) 966-6287
Loomis Medical Clinic
6135 King Road, Suite A
Loomis, California 95650
(916) 652-0427



Sutter Roseville Medical Center
One Medical Plaza
Roseville, California 95661
(916) 781-1000
Kaiser Foundation Hospital
1600 Eureka Road
Roseville, California 95661
(916) 474-2090
Kindred Hospital Sacramento
330 Montrose Drive
Folsom, California 95630
(916) 351-9151
Mercy Folsom Hospital
1650 Creekside Drive
Folsom, California 95630
(916) 984-7335
Mercy San Juan Medical Center
6501 Coyle Avenue
Carmichael, California 95608
(916) 537-5000
Sacramento VA Medical Center
10535 Hospital Way
Mather, California 95655
(925) 372-2010
Mercy General Hospital
4001 J Street
Sacramento, California 95819
(916) 453-4545
Sutter Medical Center
2801 L Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 454-2222


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