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Do you suffer from a disability that prevents you from making a living? The social security disability system was designed to help those who are unable to work because of a disability. Qualifying is not always easy. That is why it is important to work with an experienced Springfield social security attorney when you apply or appeal a case. To speak with an experienced Springfield social security attorney as soon as possible, fill out the form on the left. You’re just a click away.

The consequences of your SSI and SSDI application and appeal

Statistically, between 65% and 70% of initial applications are denied nationally. Importantly, you do not have to be among the number of people who do not qualify for benefits. If you have a disability, you can increase your chances of qualifying for social security benefits by contacting an experienced Springfield social security lawyer. Your attorney can help you make your case for SSI or SSDI benefits. You do not have to work alone. Living with a disability can make it virtually impossible to function in our expensive society. If you can qualify for social security benefits, you will be entitled to monthly payments from the federal government. In some cases, you may also qualify for medical coverage through Medicaid or Medicare, depending on your circumstances. This is an absolutely essential security blanket for those who cannot work due to disability. Therefore, the consequences of not qualifying can be severe.

How can I afford a Social Security lawyer when I can’t work?

Social security lawyers are very affordable. When you hire a social security attorney, you only pay them attorney fees if you win your claim. So, you only pay if you get paid. Your social security attorney is limited in how much he or she can charge. That is because the federal government has capped attorney fees in these cases. Specifically, the attorney cannot charge more than 25% of your back pay, up to a total of $6,000. Even then, the government has to approve the final award of attorney fees. So, a claimant is always getting a fair deal. There is no reason to contact an experienced Springfield Social Security lawyer. Just fill out the questionnaire on the left.

Eligibility for either SSDI or SSI

The federal government created Social Security for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was to provide benefits to Americans who cannot work due to an injury. The injury must last at least one year, and prevent you from working. There are two different programs that give rise to disability payments under the Social Security System: SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Both programs provide relief to injured Americans, but they are different from each other.

(SSDI) Social Security Disability Insurance – Talk to a Knowledgeable Springfield Disability Income Attorney Now

Claimants can qualify for SSDI if they are disabled and have previously paid into the social security system through their taxes. So, you must have worked and paid social security taxes to qualify. The government also requires you to have worked a percentage of the previous years, contingent on your age. Some SSDI claimants also qualify for Medicare if they are disabled under the SSDI program for 2 years. Learn more by contacting an experienced SSDI attorney.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) – Talk to an experienced Springfield Disability Attorney

SSI is paid out like welfare, meaning you cannot earn over a certain amount of money to qualify. In addition, you need to be disabled and unable to work. SSI pays out a smaller amount of money than SSDI, but unlike SSDI, you are not required to have paid into the Social Security system to qualify for payments. In addition, SSI recipients qualify for medical care through Medicaid. To contact an experienced Springfield SSI lawyer, fill out the questionnaire on the left.

Proving your disability: the process of applying and appealing your decision - Springfield Disability Appeal Attorney

First, you can apply online, call into an office, or visit your local SS office. The application process can take anywhere between four to six months. Once you get your results, you will either receive a notice of payments, or you will be denied. In which case, you can appeal the decision in person or have your attorney appear on your behalf.

The following are a few examples of the types of injuries and illnesses that have previously qualified as a disability:

Heart Transplant
Chronic Anemia
Ischemic Heart Disease
Congenital Heart Disease
Chronic heart failure
Kidney cancer
Soft tissue sarcoma
Systemic sclerosis
Sickle cell disease

Local SSA Office

Social Security Administration
1570 West Battlefield Road
Springfield, Missouri 65807
(417) 866-7210

Springfield Hospitals

Saint John's Hospital - Lebanon
100 Hospital Drive
Lebanon, Missouri 65536
(417) 533-6100

Skaggs Regional Medical Center
251 Skaggs Road
Branson, Missouri 65615
(417) 335-7702
Saint John's Regional Health Center
1235 East Cherokee
Springfield, Missouri 65804
(417) 820-2000

Lester East Cox Medical Center South
3801 South National Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65807
(417) 269-3000

If you do not have any healthcare insurance or any other ability to pay, there are facilities that probably will treat you in Springfield They are:

NorthWest Family Care
2212 West Kearney Street
Springfield, Missouri 65803-2029
(417) 831-8074

Saint Johns Mid Amer Cancer Center
2055 South Fremont Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65804-2206
(417) 820-2525
Farrell Duncan Clinic
1001 East Primrose Street
Springfield, Missouri 65807-5155
(417) 875-3300

Chesterfield Family Clinic
1925 West Chesterfield Boulevard
Springfield, Missouri 65807-8686
(417) 269-0269

Springfield  social security attorneys serve clients throughout Southwestern Missouri, including Bolivar, Branson, Buffalo, Diggins, Fordland, Halltown, Hartville, Highlandville, Joplin, Lebanon, Marshfield, Mount Vernon, Nevada, Osceola, Ozark, Seymour, Springfield, Swan, areas in the vicinity of Springfield Regional Airport, and other communities in Greene County.

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