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Do you suffer from a disability that prevents you from making a living? You may be entitled to monthly checks from the social security administration. An experienced Tuscaloosa social security attorney can increase your odds of winning your social security claim. Those who qualify may be entitled to monthly payments, medical care, and additional resources from your state government. If you suffer from a disability that prevents you from working, it may be time to work with a social security attorney now. Contact an experienced Tuscaloosa social security attorney today by filling out the form on the left.

Helping you move forward: SSI and SSDI benefits

More than half of the initial applicants are rejected for social security every year. Do not make the mistake of gambling with your odds of winning. An experienced Tuscaloosa social security lawyer knows how to present proof of your disability in the most advantageous way. You can really have a leg up by working with a seasoned professional. Successful claimants receive critical monthly payments from the federal government. SSI recipients can receive a monthly payment, food stamps, and potentially Medicaid to cover health care costs. SSDI recipients receive monthly payments based on the amount they paid into the system, among other factors. Also, SSDI recipients sometimes qualify for Medicare.

Aren’t lawyers expensive to hire? How can I hire a qualified Tuscaloosa social security lawyer?

Contrary to what people think about lawyers, Social Security lawyers tend to be very affordable. Social security attorneys are paid according to a strict fee schedule. They can only be paid if they win your case for you. That makes sense because claimants usually have not expendable money. First off, a social security attorney is legally not allowed to charge more than 25% of the back pay/past due benefits awarded to you, up to a maximum of $6,000. Second, you are insured not to pay more than that because the government must approve of the attorney’s fee before you are required to pay the attorney for his services. Contacting you Tuscaloosa Social Security lawyer is as easy as filling out the questionnaire on the left.

The Social Security system: About

There are two separate programs that provide disability benefits in the social security system. They are SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance). Generally, to qualify for disability payments, you must have an injury that prevents you from working for one year or more or an injury that will result in death. Both programs pay on a monthly basis.

(SSDI) Social Security Disability Insurance – Talk to a Knowledgeable Tuscaloosa Disability Income Attorney Now


To qualify for SSDI monthly payments, you must establish a work history of paying into social security as well as a qualifying disability. So, not everyone qualifies for the SSDI program. Those who receive disability payments under SSDI may also qualify for Medicare coverage. Contact an experienced Tuscaloosa SSDI lawyer t     o learn about your options.

SSI: You may qualify - Reach a qualified Tuscaloosa Disability Attorney

SSI is truly a last line of defense for those who are disabled and have no money. SSI is welfare-based, which means that it is paid out regardless of your work history (unlike SSDI). SSI recipients receive monthly checks, and may also qualify for aid from the state, food stamps, and Medicaid. Don’t wait.Contact an experienced Tuscaloosa SSI lawyer today.

How does the application and appeal process work? - Tuscaloosa Disability Appeals attorney

First, you can apply online, call into an office, or visit your local SS office. The application process can take anywhere between four to six months. If denied, you can appeal the decision. You may have an attorney represent you at the appeal.

Below is a list of some of the types of illnesses and injuries that can qualify for a disability under Social Security:

Depressive Syndrome
Lung Infections
Ischemic Heart Disease
Recurrent Arrhythmias
Coagulation defects
Anxiety Disorders
Sjogren’s syndrome
Congenital Heart Disease
Inflammatory arthritis

Tuscaloosa Local SSI Office

Social Security Administration
1118 Greensboro Avenue #112
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401-2852
(205) 349-4863

Tuscaloosa Hospitals

DCH Regional Medical Center
809 University Boulevard East
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
(205) 759-7111

Mary Starke Harper Geriatric Psychiatry Center
200 University Boulevard
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
(205) 759-0900
Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center
3701 Loop Road East
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404
(205) 554-2000

The Healthcare Authority for Medical West
995 9th Avenue SouthWest
Bessemer, Alabama 35021
(205) 481-7000

If you do not have any healthcare insurance or any other ability to pay, there are facilities that probably will treat you in Tuscaloosa Hospitals They are:

Bama Urgent Medicine
1771 Skyland Boulevard East
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405-4235
(205) 553-0199

University Orthopaedic Clinic
P O Box 2447
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35403-2447
(205) 345-0192
DCH Outpatient Center
701 University Boulevard East
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401-2086
(205) 759-7334

West Alabama Emergency Physicians
2330 University Boulevard Lower
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401-1569
(205) 366-3334

Tuscaloosa Social Security Lawyers serve client  throughout Western Central Alabama, including Alabaster, Bessemer, Birmingham, Clanton, Demopolis, Duncanville, Eutaw, Fayette, Gordo, Greensboro, Jasper, Livingston, Tuscoloosa, Vernon, Winfield, York, and other communities in Tuscaloosa County.

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